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Dennis Ahlen, Deputy Director of Utilities
Phone: 626-570-5067
For questions regarding building and safety general questions or permitted fees, please email building@cityofalhambra.org
Business hours: 7:00 am to 5:30 pm, Monday - Thursday, closed on Fridays. Plan Checker counter hours: 7:00 am to 12:00 pm Monday & Tuesday, 1:30 pm - 5:00 pm Wednesday & Thursday


The Water Resources and Capital Projects Division oversees all aspects of design, engineering, construction and project management. Capital Projects also reviews development plans, and is responsible for fire protection coordination. 


The Division is responsible for maintaining and upgrading the water and sewer infrastructure, From conception, engineering and project management from start to end. The Utilities Department also constructed a new water treatment plant in 2008, to keep up with growing demands of Alhambra.


The Utilities Department is in the process of updating most of the existing sewer lift stations in Alhambra. A current project underway is Lift Station Number 2 and an upcoming project is Lift Station Number 7.  The new sewer lift stations being built will have all new state-of-the-art equipment, which will be much more energy efficient and easier to maintain. The Utilities Department also plans to upgrade an existing sewer mainlines on Glendon Way. Construction is planned to commence in the Spring of 2018. Future growth in the City of Alhambra has put greater demands on the current infrastructure. The Utilities Department is looking towards the future to meet those demands by investing in necessary infrastructure improvements.

Current Projects:

Installation of Sewer Force Main
Lift Station 2 Sewer Forceman
Trenching of Sewerline
Sewer Forceman Pipe
Excavation of Sewer Lift Station 4
Underground sewer lift station number 2 construction under way


Installation of Sewerline on Valley Blvd.
Valley Boulevard Sewer Replacement Project

The Valley Boulevard Sewer Replacement Project was completed in December of 2017. The project was constructed in two phases. The first phase began at the corner of Almansor Street and Adams Avenue, through Valley Boulevard and ending at Garfield Avenue. This phase consisted of upgrading the existing sewerlines to much larger diameter sewerlines. Phase two continued the sewer replacement project onto Atlantic Boulevard. Both projects were completed in a timely manner and with minimal disruptions to our customers.


New Ballot Format

MeasureAL is the only local item on your ballot. Please make sure to find the local section of your ballot and participate.


An innovative voter-centered approach to voting for Los Angeles County begins in 2020. In March 2020, the Los Angeles County Registrar of Voters will be experimenting with a new ballot format and voting system – Voting Solutions for All People (VSAP) where new voting technology will be implemented and City-related elections and ballot measures appear in a different place on your ballot.  

Voting Solutions for All People (VSAP) was developed by the Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk (RR/CC) in 2009 to address an aging voting system and an increasingly large and complex electorate. The project seeks a collaborative approach to voting system design that will put voters at the center and maximize stakeholder participation. Through field research and coalition building, the RR/CC has pioneered a voter-centered approach to voting system design and development.

The entire ballot format and voting system will look different, and the City of Alhambra wants to make sure our voters understand these changes and can fully participate in the election. To get more information or to experience the new format, visit: the Los Angeles County Registrar of Voters at www.lavote.net .

Changes in State Voter Registration Laws

Exciting news! Due to recent changes in California voter registration laws, eligible Alhambra residents now have more time to register to vote and participate in the upcoming March 3 Municipal Election!  

If you’ve recently moved and need to re-register, or are registering to vote for the first time, you can register to vote on the same day of the election by visiting any voting center in Los Angeles County.  For more information, visit the Los Angeles County Registrar of Voters: www.lavote.net.

Learn More About Voting Solutions for All People Project

Explore the New Voting Experience at a VSAP Demo Center

Attend a Public Hearing and/or Provide Input on the County's Election Administration Plan

Measure AL FAQ

City Clerk Department

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Modernizing the Voting Experience

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