Tree Preservation Ordinance


On July 23, 2018, the City Council adopted Ordinance No. O2M18-4737 amending Title 23 of the Alhambra Municipal Code to include a Tree Preservation regulation recognizing oak trees and other California native trees as significant aesthetic and ecological resources.

Effective August 23, 2018, a Tree Removal Permit will be required prior to removing a tree on any private property within the City, except when a tree is located within the rear or side yard of residences in the R1 or R2 zoning districts. Other exceptions may apply. Failure to obtain a permit before removing a protected tree may be subject to penalties. Below are links to a summary of the Tree Preservation Ordinance and a list of trees native to California.

What’s the Purpose?

The Tree Preservation Ordinance was enacted to preserve and expand upon existing tree coverage throughout Alhambra. Preserving California native and mature trees as a significant aesthetic ecological resource and to create favorable conditions for the preservation and propagation of plant heritage for the benefit of the current and future residents of the City.

Are You Thinking About Removing or Trimming a Tree?

Pursuant to Alhambra Municipal Code Chapter 23.87, a Tree Removal Permit may be required for the removal of certain trees. Take a look at the summarized regulations below to see if you need a permit. If you are still uncertain, contact your local Planner at (626) 570-5034.

California Native Trees

Below is a full list of California Native Trees that property owners and developers are encourage to plant if removing a tree or developing a property.

Click the image above for list.

Application Process and Requirements

You can apply for a Tree Removal Permit on our online portal (see below). A separate Tree Removal Permit is not required if you are applying for a Planning Entitlement (i.e.: Planned Development Permit, Conditional Use Permit, Specific Plan, etc.) If applying for a Tree Removal Permit, your neighbors within 300-feet of the property will be noticed of your intent to remove a tree. Once staff has reviewed your application, submitted materials, and completed the noticing process, a final decision will be rendered. An application is not required for trimming or pruning trees so as long as the trim or prune does not kill or damage the tree. Click on the application requirements handout below to get a full list of items required to submit for your Tree Removal Permit.

Tree Removal Application Checklist

Additional Information

For additional information regarding the Tree Preservation Ordinance or for questions about Tree Removal Permits, please contact the Planning Division at
(626) 570-5034. 

Summary of Tree Preservation Ordinance and list of California Native Trees (English Version)

Summary of Tree Preservation Ordinance and list of California Native Trees (Spanish Version)

Summary of Tree Preservation Ordinance and list of California Native Trees (Chinese Version)

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