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Republic Services has recently advised the City that due to supply chain issues from COVID 19, cart production has been slightly delayed. New carts will now be delivered by the end of June.

Residents do not need to take additional actions. The new carts will be exchanged on your regular service day. Please continue to place your carts out for service as normal.

New solid waste and recycling carts will be delivered to single family residences in order to meet the new State requirements (Senate Bill 1383, Lara, Chapter 395, 2016) to recycle organic waste. Download a copy of the new cart informational flyer.

Photo of new Black Trash Cart, Blue Recyclables Cart, and Green Yard and Food Waste Cart

Learn about what materials are acceptable in the new carts by downloading a copy of the informational flyers below.

Black cart - regular trash

Blue cart - recyclable materials

Green cart - yard and food waste

You can also download a copy of the frequently asked questions regarding the carts and service.

Watch the May 20, 2021 Community Presentation.

Information on new bins for multi-family and commercial locations will be coming soon. Starting on July 1, 2021, all residents will be billed directly by Republic Services for all trash and recycling services. For more information on the new containers and requirements visit Republic Services website.

If you have additional questions regarding the delivery of new containers or future billing services, please contact Republic Services at 800-299-4898 or by email at


Republic Services: 800-299-4898

City of Alhambra: 626-570-5061 


Republic Services: 800-299-4898

City of Alhambra: 626-570-5061 

View the Republic Services website for complete trash, recycling and solid waste services.

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  • Those who qualify will have their bi-monthly trash bill decreased by $4 bi-monthly (or $2 per month).
  • The discount is offered by Republic Services through its exclusive franchise agreement with the City. The low-income limits are established by the Department of Housing and Urban Development.
  • Proof of the income is required of all adults living in the household. A copy of the most recent federal income tax returns (block out Social Security numbers) must be sent along with the City’s application form. For more information, call the City Manager’s office at 626-570-5011.


  • 1 Person in Household: Eligible if annual household income is less than - $63,100
  • 2 Person in Household: Eligible if annual household income is less than - $72,100
  • 3 Person in Household: Eligible if annual household income is less than - $81,100
  • 4 Person in Household: Eligible if annual household income is less than - $90,100
  • 5 Person in Household: Eligible if annual household income is less than - $97,350
  • 6 Person in Household: Eligible if annual household income is less than - $104,550
  • 7 Person in Household: Eligible if annual household income is less than - $111,750
  • 8 Person in Household: Eligible if annual household income is less than - $118,950


  • Alhambra complies with all state recycling requirements, including legislation that imposes Mandatory Commercial Recycling (AB 341) on all businesses that generate at least four cubic yards of trash per week, and also on all multi-family dwelling that have 5 units and more.
  • The City's waste haulers send both commercial and multi-family dwelling solid waste to a Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) where recyclable items are pulled out of the waste stream and recycled. These facilities are very effective at extracting valuable recyclable items from the waste stream.
  • MRF-ing the City’s solid waste has helped increase the City’s diversion rate over what is achieved through our curbside recycling program. Located in Anaheim, Allied Waste/Consolidated Disposal Services’ MRF processes an average of 4,800 tons of materials daily using automated and manual sorting systems. The MRF has an Eco Center that gives viewers a front-line perspective on what happens to their waste and recyclables. Anyone interested in touring the MRF can call 800-299-4898.
  • Commercial and business customers can find helpful resources to ensure compliance with State laws AB 1826, SB 1383 and AB 827 by visiting here: Republic Services Recycling Simplified.
  • Residential customers can find helpful recycling resources by visiting here: Republic Services Recycling Simplified.


  • Neighborhood Recycler (Cans & Bottles) - Active Recycling Company, 5601 East Valley Boulevard, Los Angeles, 90032; 323-221-2555. Visit Active Recycling Company Website for additional information. Open 6:30 am - 4:45 pm.
  • Tire Recycling - Waste tires that are illegally dumped or improperly stored can pose a serious threat to public health and safety, as well as to the environment. To find out more about recycling used tires, visit the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works Tire Recycling page.
  • Material Exchanges - California Materials Exchange (CALMAX) - 1-800-RECYCLE (732-9253). CalMAX connects businesses, organizations, manufacturers, schools, and individuals with the most effective online resources for exchanging materials. The website links to services and organizations that provide online options.
  • Junk Mail and Phone Books - Call toll-free numbers on catalogs to be removed from their mailing list. Register your mail preferences with the Direct Marketing Association. Call 1-888-567-8688 to opt out of credit card promotional mailings. Contact the Yellow Pages Association and the Association of Directory Publishers at Yellow Pages Opt Out to select which phone directories you receive or to stop delivery of all directories.
  • Recycling Paint Products - The California Paint Stewardship Program requires paint manufacturers to develop a take back system for certain types of leftover paints from household and commercial consumers. PaintCare, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, recycles and properly disposes certain types of unused paint products. For more information about the California Paint Stewardship Program, including a list of products accepted and not accepted at PaintCare drop-off sites, see PaintCare's Information for Paint Purchasers fact sheet. Please visit PaintCare's website to find a paint drop-off site near you. You can also view PaintCare's Paint Calculator for recommended paint purchase amounts.

 Permits, Licenses, & Applications

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