Safety and Risk Management


In our stead to maintain a safe workplace, the City has ventured into joining the California Joint Powers Insurance Authority (CJPIA) and recently formed an agency-wide Safety Committee to collaboratively manage the City's Safety and Risk Management Program.

Members from different departments are tasked to monitor employee participation in safety training programs and ensure compliance. Employees may register for training through their respective department representatives:

  • City Clerk:  Linda Thai
  • Community Development:  Janette Alvarez and Holly Chenh
  • Finance:  Michelle Chen
  • Fire:  BC Mitch Bray and Capt. Jose Cervantes
  • Human Resources:  Cecilia Benavides and Krystle Murillo
  • Library: Antoinette Morales-Tanner and Shannen Sisavath
  • Parks & Recreation:  Brie Houghton and Todd Shank
  • Police:  Cmdr. Gabriel Ponce
  • Public Works:  Joseph Villegas
  • Utilities:  Latoya Waters


Cal/OSHA Training with Lisa Harvey

Cal/OSHA Training at Reese Hall, morning session
Cal/OSHA Training held at Reese Hall, morning session
Cal/OSHA Training held at Reese Hall, afternoon session
Cal/OSHA Training held at Reese Hall, afternoon session

Big 5 Training: Bloodborne Pathogens, Bio Hazard, Aerosol Transmissable Diseases, Hearing Conservation and Heat Stress with John Lopatto

Big 5 Training held at Reese Hall
Big 5 Training held at Reese Hall

Workplace Harassment Training with Delwin Lampkin

Workplace Harassment Training at the Council Chambers
Workplace Harassment Training at Reese Hall

See upcoming training schedules.

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