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Visit the California Integrated Waste Management Board Recycling Oil Program website to find a recycling location near your or call the hotline at 800-553-2962 for additional questions. 


  • Store your used motor oil in a sealed, leak-proof container. To recycle your used oil filter, simply place the old filter in a leak-proof container such as a coffee can with lid or resealable plastic bag.
  • Do not mix oil with gasoline, automotive liquids, other liquids or debris as this contamination makes it hazardous and not recyclable.
  • Used Motor Oil Recycling Centers will take between 5-20 gallons per day, per person. Call first to check hours of operation and actual quantities accepted.
  • The City of Alhambra encourages use of environmentally-friendly re-refined motor oil. Re-refining cleans the oil so that it can be used as base oil and mixed with fresh additives. Re-refined oil is just as good as new. If you are not familiar with its benefits you may find more information at CalRecycle's: Re-Refined Motor Oil web page.

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