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Recyclable batteries include rechargeable or alkaline batteries weighing less than 11 lbs., and cell phones batteries including old lithium-ion cell phone and camera batteries plus traditional AAA-D batteries. Find the nearest battery recycling center by using the Battery Recycling Center Locator.


  • Residents can bring any household batteries (rechargeable or alkaline weighing less than 11 lbs.) and cell phones to the take-back locations above. Old lithium-ion cell phone, camera batteries and traditional AAA-D batteries can be brought to the same convenient take-back location.
  • Signs on store windows identify take-back locations. Customers can turn in their batteries at the marked battery recycling boxes inside the store.
  • Simple instructions on how to safely recycle batteries are located on each take-back box.
  • Full boxes of batteries are mailed to recycling facilities at no charge to the participating businesses.
  • Visit the CalRecycle website for more information on battery recycling.


  • The Call2Recycle® program is paying for all disposal costs associated with the battery recycling.
  • All shipping and recycling is handled by the battery producers.
  • California banned batteries because they waste valuable metals like zinc and cadmium, which are needed to make new products, particularly electronics.
  • Batteries disposed in landfills can degrade soil, leading to groundwater contamination and other environmental hazards.

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