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Important Information about Measure AL and the March 3, 2020 Special Alhambra Municipal Election


On November 12, 2019, the Alhambra City council unanimously voted to place Measure AL, a ¾ Ȼ (percent)local sales tax measure, on the March 3, 2020 ballot. For additional factual information about Measure AL, please see below, and read our Frequently Asked Questions.


Alhambra prides itself on being a safe and well-maintained City. Strong local services strengthen our community, improve local property values and keeps Alhambra a more desirable, safe place to live, do business and raise a family.  

Our residents have told us that they value our local services, including well-maintained streets, the quality of local parks, safe and clean neighborhoods, and rapid 9-1-1 response.

Unfortunately,the state has taken millions of local tax dollars from Alhambra coffers,leaving the City in the unenviable position of needing to close a budget deficit for the past several years, deferring critical public safety and community infrastructure needs to make ends meet.  

As part of our 2019 budgeting process, the City embarked upon a constituent outreach effort, to ensure we are continuing to address constituent priorities in light of takeaways by the State.



Did you know?

The City of Alhambra is over 115 years old and has aging infrastructure which needs to be repaired and upgraded.

Road engineers have recently rated many of Alhambra’s paved streets and roads as either “poor,” “very poor,” or “failed,” while a number of City bridges are considered structurally deficient by Caltrans engineers.


Did you know?

Last year, there were nearly six hundred burglaries and car thefts in Alhambra.

Despite recruitment efforts, the City does not currently have the funds to fill ten currently vacant Police Officer positions- impacting neighborhood, school and business patrols, response times,and overall city safety.



After months of community engagement and feedback, to address State takeaways of local funds, and to ensure that a municipal revenue measure provides for local Alhambra- not county – needs,  the Alhambra City Council unanimously placed Measure AL – a ¾ Ȼ (percent) local sales tax measure- on the March 3, 2020  Presidential Primary ballot.

If enacted by voters this March 3, Measure AL can address the services residents have indicated are important, including:


● Preventing property crimes, like thefts and burglaries
● Maintaining police, fire and 9-1-1 emergency response
● Keeping public areas safe and clean
● Maintaining essential City services
● Helping ensure young people have safe places to play  
● Repairing streets and potholes
● Maintaining local control of local funds



Measure AL was carefully crafted after months of public input, engaging thousands of Alhambra households and obtaining over 600 community survey responses on local service priorities.

To ensure that money will be spent as promised, Measure AL includes tough fiscal accountability provisions, such as public disclosure of all spending and annual independent financial audits that ensure funds are used as promised, and only to benefit Alhambra residents.

Thank you for your interest in keeping  Alhambra a great place to live, do business,and raise a family.


To learn more about the March 3, 2020 election, visit: https://www.cityofalhambra.org/resources/election.


Click here to view Impartial Analysis of the Ballot Measure

Click here to view Argument in Favor

Click here to view the Ballot Measure text (abbreviated)

Click here for Information about the Ballot Measure

Click here to view full text of the proposed ordinance

Click here to view the ordinance calling the Special Municipal Election

Click here to view the resolution requesting consolidation with the Statewide Primary Election on March 3, 2020

Click here to find your Voting Center

Click here to view a list of Voting Center Sites in Los Angeles County


New Ballot Format

MeasureAL is the only local item on your ballot. Please make sure to find the local section of your ballot and participate.


An innovative voter-centered approach to voting for Los Angeles County begins in 2020. In March 2020, the Los Angeles County Registrar of Voters will be experimenting with a new ballot format and voting system – Voting Solutions for All People (VSAP) where new voting technology will be implemented and City-related elections and ballot measures appear in a different place on your ballot.  

Voting Solutions for All People (VSAP) was developed by the Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk (RR/CC) in 2009 to address an aging voting system and an increasingly large and complex electorate. The project seeks a collaborative approach to voting system design that will put voters at the center and maximize stakeholder participation. Through field research and coalition building, the RR/CC has pioneered a voter-centered approach to voting system design and development.

The entire ballot format and voting system will look different, and the City of Alhambra wants to make sure our voters understand these changes and can fully participate in the election. To get more information or to experience the new format, visit: the Los Angeles County Registrar of Voters at www.lavote.net .

Changes in State Voter Registration Laws

Exciting news! Due to recent changes in California voter registration laws, eligible Alhambra residents now have more time to register to vote and participate in the upcoming March 3 Municipal Election!  

If you’ve recently moved and need to re-register, or are registering to vote for the first time, you can register to vote on the same day of the election by visiting any voting center in Los Angeles County.  For more information, visit the Los Angeles County Registrar of Voters: www.lavote.net.

Learn More About Voting Solutions for All People Project

Explore the New Voting Experience at a VSAP Demo Center

Attend a Public Hearing and/or Provide Input on the County's Election Administration Plan

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