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Paul Lam, Principal Planner
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The Planning Division reviews all construction, from small home additions to large commercial and industrial projects, to ensure that the work to be performed conforms with the City's zoning laws. 

The Planning Division maintains the City's land development and land use standards. City staff work with contractors and homeowners to help streamline the permit process using an easy step-by-step guide. On large-scale projects, pre-construction coordination meetings are held with project managers and City staff who play a role in the construction process to help ensure a smooth running project.



The Final Environmental Impact is now available for the proposed The Villages at The Alhambra project. The Project covers portions of a 38.38-acre site bounded by Fremont Avenue (west), Mission Road(south), Date Avenue (east), and Orange Street (north) in the City of Alhambra. The Project would retain 902,001 square feet of existing office space and would repurpose 10,145 square feet of existing office space as Residential Amenity space. Also, the Project would retain a 50,000 square-foot LA Fitness health club, but would replace existing surface parking areas,warehouse/storage/maintenance buildings, and a vacant office building with 516 new, for-sale, residential dwelling units in five-story stacked flat and townhome configurations; 545 new rental apartments in five-story stacked flat configurations; and 4,347 total parking spaces to accommodate all new uses.  The Project site is located in the PO(Professional Office) zone.  An Environmental Impact Report has been prepared for the Project and will also be considered with the Project.

 In addition, it is expected that if the Project is approved the applicant will implement a parking reduction pursuant to Alhambra Municipal Code Section 23.52.060.

Information related to the Final EIR can be found below:

The Villages at The Alhambra


  • The Planning Commission, comprised of ten Alhambra residents appointed by the City Council, guides the City's planning process by identifying planning-related problems and opportunities, reviewing proposed project plans that require zoning changes, variances, subdivisions, and planned development permits.
  • Meets the first and third Monday of the month at 7:00 pm in the City Hall Council Chambers. 


  • The Design Review Board, comprised of five Alhambra residents, appointed by the City Council, maintains design control over all single-family residential structures, commercial, industrial and residential planned development permits reviewed by the Planning Commission. In addition, the Design Review Board reviews uniform sign plans for all multi- tenant buildings, all signage for single-tenant buildings, exterior alterations visible from a public street and requiring a building permit to
    commercial, office or industrial buildings and exterior color changes to commercial, office or industrial buildings.
  • The Design Review Board also acts as a consulting and advisory board to the City Council with respect to design control and signage matters and any other matters which may be assigned to it from time to time by the City Council.
  • Meets the second and fourth Tuesday of the month at 7:30 pm in the City Hall Council Chambers. 


  • Size of new construction - A new or expanded single-family home is typically considered compatible if the size of the home does not exceed the mean and median size home by more than 75%.  
  • Lot areas and floor area ratios - In addition to total floor area, the Planning Commission reviews lot areas and floor area ratios for the affected properties to give a more complete picture of the neighborhood. Projects that comply with the policy are not guaranteed to be approved, and projects that exceed the 75% threshold above the mean and median house size are not automatically rejected. The policy is one of several tools used by the Planning Commission in reviewing projects, including architectural design, bulk, scale, materials of construction, building height, setbacks, parking and landscaping to determine compatibility with the existing neighborhood.
  • Other Common Planning Considerations include downzoning areas to preserve the single-family character and integrity of neighborhoods; reducing the number of units that can be built on any given parcel to create more open space; and reducing parking problems by researching ways to modify the City's zoning ordinance.


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