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  • FY 19-20 SB1 Street Rehabilitation Project (First Street, Second Street, Third Street, Fourth Street, Fifth Street, Sixth Street, Seventh Street, Eighth Street, Front Street, Shorb Street, San Marino Avenue, Adams Avenue, Linda Vista Avenue and Palmetto Drive) funded through SB-1 funds
  • FY 20-21 SB1 Street Rehabilitation Project (Elm Street, Primrose Avenue, Edgewood Drive, Date Avenue, Palm Avenue, Raymond Avenue, Ethel Avenue, Campbell Avenue, Marengo Avenue, Glendon Way, Norwood Place, Marguerita Ave, Curtis Ave, Olive Ave and Ramona Road North) funded through SB-1 funds
  • 2021 Alley Rehabilitaion Project


  • 2020 Street Improvements Project (Olive Avenue, 3rd Street, Glendon Way & Granada Ave)
  • FY 17-18 SB1 Street Rehabilitation Project
  • FY 18-19 SB1 Street Rehabilitation Project (Stoneman Avenue, Monterey Street, Chapel Avenue, Sierra Vista Avenue, Almansor Street, Hidalgo Avenue, Cordova Street, Granada Avenue, Valencia Street, El Molino Street, Vega Street, Azalea Drive, Geranio Drive, Market Lane, Camelia Drive, Violeta Drive, Norwood Place, and Glendon Way) funded through SB-1 funds
  • 2018 Alley Project
  • 2018 Story Park - Alhambra Park Improvements Project
  • Mission Road Street Rehabilitation Project (Garfield to the west city limits, including installation of landscape medians - STP-l Funds and Measure R)

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