Holiday Trash Collection

Residential trash collection services (Republic Services): 1-800-299-4898
Commercial trash collection services (Republic Services): 1-800-299-4898


There is no residential trash/recycling services provided on New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. Service will be delayed by one day when the holiday falls on a weekday (Monday through Friday), such as Labor Day which is always on Monday. Please visit Republic Services website for more information on holiday trash collection schedules.


  • Place bows/ribbon in the green trash container as they are not recyclable.
  • Place cardboard and gift boxes in your blue recyclable container.
  • Not all wrapping paper is recyclable. If it has metallic specs, pass it through a shredder and use it as filler for other gifts throughout the year.
  • Place live wreath(s) in the black yard waste container.
  • Remove all items from the tree or wreath, including stands, nails, ornaments and tinsel.
  • Place your bare tree at the curb for collection so it can be recycled as compost, mulch or ground cover at no extra charge to you. Flocked trees are not accepted as they cannot be recycled. Flocked trees can be cut up and placed into the regular trash cart. Do not place pieces of flocked trees in the green waste cart as they cannot be recycled.

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