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A permit is NOT required to hold a garage sale, but only TWO garage sales, not to exceed two consecutive days, may be conducted in a calendar year by anyone individual, household group, family, or multi-unit property.


  • Garage sale hours are limited to 9:00 am to 8:00 pm.
  • One single-face sign, not larger than 2-feet by 3-feet, may be posted on the premises where a sale is being held for the duration of the sale, and must be removed immediately thereafter.
  • No merchandise may be displayed in the public-right-of-way, on front porches, or within the front yard of interior lots, or the front yard and/or side yard of corner lots.  
  • Never post nails or place signs on trees, utility poles, sign posts, parkway or other city property, or other off-site premises (with the exception of your own vehicle which must be properly parked on the street to advertise your sale). Advertising in a newspaper is a good alternative.
  • Violations of garage sale regulations are subject to immediate closure of the sale and a possible misdemeanor criminal complaint filed with the city attorney's office.
  • Although no permit is required to hold a garage sale, temporary use permits may be required for other types of sales (such as holding a boutique sale). 


  • Never operate a garage sale by yourself. At least two persons should always be available to watch persons coming onto the premises to browse the items being sold.
  • There should only be one designated cashier so buyers can’t claim they paid someone else.
  • All transactions should be cash only; never accept personal checks, business checks or payroll checks. Use a locked cash box or a fanny pack and keep only a very limited amount of money on you at any time. If someone wants to break a large bill, such as $100 for a small item, tell them you will be happy to hold the item if they want to go get change.
  • Cut down on possible theft by having a 12 to 15-foot buffer zone between the road and your items.
  • All entrances into the residence should be securely locked, including backyard gates.
  • Never allow anyone to go inside your residence for any reason, including using the bathroom.
  • Call the Code Enforcement Division at 626-570-3230, if you have concerns about garage sale regulations.

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