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Why aren't goggles allowed to be used during recreational swims?

This is a safety issue. If a child is wearing goggles and gets kicked or hit by an arm or leg, the goggles can damage the eye area of the child.

Why are parents only allowed to take photos on the first and last day of swim lessons?

This rule is intended to protect the privacy of parents who may not want photographs of their child taken.

Can I register my child for swim lessons once the session has started?

No. We do not take registrations for sessions that have already begun. Staff is assigned based on the number of students in the class. Also, lessons are progressive. Each day builds upon the information learned in the previous lesson. It is better for the child to register for the following lesson session.

Can I volunteer or complete my community service requirements through parks and recreation?

Volunteers from service organizations are sometimes accepted for volunteer work at special events. Volunteers 60+years of age are eligible to volunteer at the Joslyn Adult Center. Court-required community service work cannot be completed within the Parks& Recreation Department. 

How can I get a space at the community garden?

Call 626-570-3242 or visit the Community Programs office, 500 North Palm Avenue, located within Alhambra Park. If a space is available, you will be immediately assigned a space. If there is no space available, you will be placed on a waiting list. Alhambra residents have priority status on the waiting list. Spaces varying size and fee. Alhambra residents must bring a photo I.D. and a recent utility bill to verify residency in order to qualify for resident rates. 

Can I bring my dog to the park? Are there areas were a dog is not allowed?

Yes. Dogs are allowed in any Alhambra Park on leash (AMC 14.04.030). Dogs MUST remain on a leash that cannot exceed six feet in length, and must remain under full control of the owner. Dog Owner MUST immediately remove and properly dispose of any waste or fecal matter. Dogs are NOT ALLOWED in the following areas of the park:  Lakes, pools, enclosed ball fields (baseball,soccer, football, etc.), tennis courts, basketball courts, gymnasiums, playgrounds or on the golf course.  

Can I bring alcohol to the park?

No. AMC 14.04.090 prohibits the consumption of any alcoholic beverages in any park in the City of Alhambra.

Can people use the flat areas of any park to play soccer/football etc?

No. Organized play is not permitted in any park without a permit. The Alhambra Park Flat area is not a designated field for soccer or football.

Can I bring a radio to the park?

AMC 18.02.060 (F) Prohibits amplified sound such as (i.e. no mariachis, speakers, microphones, DJs, karaoke, etc.)Solar or battery powered radios are permitted in the park as long as the sound is kept at a level that will not disturb other park patrons.

Can I bring an easy-up to the park?

Yes. Canopies (no bigger than 10 x 10) can be set up as long as they are NOT staked into the ground or fixed to any structure/tree in the park. Canopies / umbrellas are welcome to provide shade for your picnic area but not to expand your area or add more persons than the maximum permitted.

Can I rent a softball field for a birthday party?

No. Softball fields are not available for private rentals. The small softball field at Story Park may be used on a first-come, first-serve basis when not in use by the Little League or City of Alhambra.

Can I drive my car on park property to unload my party supplies?

No. For safety reasons, a City Ordinance prohibits the use of vehicles on park property - AMC 14.04.030 (G).Service ways are only for the use of city and emergency vehicles.

What is the reservation time line?

Reservations begin at 10:00 am and end at dusk. The picnic shelters do not have lights but the party is welcome to remain in the area or in the park until the park closes at 10:30 pm. If the party arrives earlier than 10:00 am, the area may not be ready yet since the park crew works on a set schedule.

Do I have to pay for a "first-come, first-serve" picnic area?

No. There is no fee. However, the area is not guaranteed to be available for your date of interest or time of arrival. If you are the first person to arrive you must remain in the area until your party begins. You are not allowed to rope off the area or put up your own reservation signs. All rules and regulations apply to non-reserved areas as well.

When should I reserve a picnic shelter?

Reservations can be made a MAXIMUM of 3 months ahead of your gathering and a MINIMUM of 10 business days PRIOR to the date of interest. WITHIN 10 business days of a specific date, any picnic areas that have not been reserved will become available on a first-come,first-serve basis.

How can I reserve a picnic shelter?

All reservations for park facilities,including picnic shelters, are made at the Parks & Recreation Department at City Hall, 111 South First Street, Alhambra, CA 91801. Reservations must be made in person during weekday business hours: Monday - Thursday, 7:00 am - 5:30 pm. For information about fees, call 626-570-5044. 

What are park hours?

Park hours are 5:00 am to 10:30 pm.

How can I get information about little league or AYSO?

The City of Alhambra does not operate the Little League or AYSO programs. For current information about these programs,contact the Recreation Division at 626-570-5081 or visit the AYSO website here for their contact information.

Who can I contact for information on senior services?

You should contact the Senior Services Division at 626-570-5056.

Is there a multiple child discount?

In some instances, a discount is available. Check the Leisure Guide for specific details.

Can we register online?

Yes, online registration is available. Phone-in, walk-in and mail-in registration is also possible. Visit the online registration page.

Do I have to be an Alhambra resident to participate in Alhambra leisure classes?

No. Everyone is welcome.

Who do I contact for information on Alhambra leisure classes?

You should contact the Community Programs Division at 626-570-3242.


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