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Certificate of Occupancy/Home Occupation Permit

Alhambra City Hall - Community Development Department, Economic Development Division
111 South First Street, Alhambra, CA 91801 
Phone: 626-570-5034

  • Contact the Planning Division at 626-570-5034 or during counter hours (Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 12:00 pm, or 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm) to determine if the desired business location is in the appropriate zone.
  • If the address meets the zoning requirements for the intended use, you'll be required to apply for a Certificate of Occupancy, or Home Occupation Permit if you're operating a business at your home. 
  • All businesses are required to obtain authorization from the property owner to conduct a business at their property. The property owner is required to sign and notarize the Property Owner Authorization of Use form, and submit with the Certificate of Occupancy or Home Occupation Permit Applications. 
  • All businesses will also need to apply for a Business License at the Finance Department after applying for a Certificate of Occupancy or Home Occupation Permit. (APPLICANT MUST APPLY FOR A CERTIFICATE OF OCCUPANCY OR HOME OCCUPATION PERMIT AND GET APPROVALS BEFORE APPLYING FOR A BUSINESS LICENSE).  



New and Renewal of Existing Business Licenses

If you're a new business or a business that needs to renew a business license, please contact the Alhambra Finance Department at 626-570-5021 to find out how to apply for a business license.

Food & Beverage Permit and Alcohol Permit for New/Existing Food Establishments

If your business is a restaurant, you will be required to contact the Alcoholic Beverage Control and Los Angeles County Health Department, in addition to City approvals.

State Alcoholic Beverage Control Board, 213-736-2005

Los Angeles County Health Department, 310-665-8450

Factors to consider when starting a new business:

  • Determine if the space is adequate for current needs and foreseeable growth. Investigate traffic patterns; tour the building; find out who the previous tenant was and why they left. Evaluate the physical location and if the space is a good fit for your product line. Be realistic and don't over-commit.
  • Identify competitors - check out neighboring businesses for complementary products and/or services. Is there an established cluster economy?
  • Seek professional assistance - hire a real estate attorney who specializes in lease negotiations who understands your area and type of business.
  • Identify your responsibilities - determine if you will need to maintain the heating, air-conditioning and other systems, as well as keep up the parking lot and building exterior.
  • Affordability - determine if the rent will be affordable.

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