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Rose Marie Markus, President
1550 Alhambra Road, Alhambra, CA 91801
(626) 300-8845

The Society commemorates historical events and honors persons who have played a particular role in Alhambra's history. 


The Alhambra Historical Society, founded in 1966, invites you to become a member and help further the aims of their organization. Annual dues are $5 per student, $15 per adult or $25 per family. A corporate membership is $150 and individual life membership is $200. The annual membership runs from July 1st-June 30th. To become a member, send your completed Historical Society Membership form and your check to the Alhambra Historical Society, P.O. Box 6687, Alhambra, CA 91802.

Meetings of the Alhambra Historical Society are held five times annually, on the fourth Wednesday of January, March, May and September, except for November which is on the Wednesday before or after Thanksgiving. The meetings are held at the Alhambra Masonic Center, 9 West Woodward Avenue at 7:30 p.m., and refreshments are available after the program.


Museum hours are second Sunday of the month from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm, and by appointment at (626) 300-8845, all other days. Admission is free. The collection includes a fine collection of memorabilia, period clothing, furnishings and books, that have been donated by residents, various organizations and friends.  


The Museum does not charge an admission fee. Cash donations and other contributions are welcome as a way to pay for operating costs that include utility fees, cleaning, preservation, acquisition and building repairs. However, please call the museum before making any material donations. Unbleached white cotton sheets or pillow cases used to preserve textiles will be gladly received--as will Alhambra High School Annuals from 1970s era to present day; any high school annuals from Mark Keppel or San Gabriel High Schools. Thank you very much for your support!


The Museum is looking for history buffs who would be interested in volunteering - two to three hours a week on a regular basis. Your assistance can make a big difference towards keeping better records of donations and holdings, changing exhibits more frequently, and keeping the Museum doors open more hours. The Museum is a treasure trove of local history.  

The Historical Society's goal is to open the Museum more hours to share this treasure with more people--school classes, organizations, as well as individuals and family groups. Call today 626-300-8845 and leave your name and number as a new Alhambra Historical Society Museum Volunteer! 

In 1966 at the invitation of Mayor Norma Yocum and Fred Turner, a group of 21 long-time Alhambra residents and civic leaders met to form The Alhambra Historical Society, Inc. Norma Yocum was elected the first president. The group proceeded in its acquisition and preservation of documents, artifacts, and the historical records of the City of Alhambra and its residents. The Society commemorates historical events and honors persons who have played a particular role in Alhambra's history. Through the years taped interviews were recorded with long-time residents and descendants of Alhambra's pioneers to preserve an oral history of the city and its residents. In these endeavors the Society promotes historical education and the development of civic pride.

The Historical Society encourages and promotes the research and study of history in its relation to the population and development of Alhambra and the surrounding San Gabriel Valley; as an archival and educational organization to collect, classify, publish and disseminate historical information, data and facts; to locate, restore, mark and preserve historical places and structures worthy of recognition; to acquire by gifts, bequests, purchase or otherwise real and personal property and interest therein and hold, use, lease, sell, convey and otherwise dispose of the same.


  • Rose Marie Markus, President
  • (Vacant), Vice President
  • (Vacant), Secretary
  • Duane Markus, Treasurer
  • Betty Barnett, Immediate Past President 

Trustees: Marilee Buchany, Madeleine Doerning, Betty Munson, Edwin Suquilanda

Director of Museum, (Vacant)

City Council Representative: David Mejia 

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