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The Department of Finance is responsible for the administration of the fiscal affairs of the City and represents the consolidation of many functions of City Government into one centralized unit. This department performs all Accounting, Purchasing, Cashiering, Treasury Management, Banking, Debt Administration, Payroll, Billing, Collections, Business Licensing, Warehouse Operations, and prepares the City's annual budget and Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR). The Director of Finance also acts as Treasurer of the Cal State L.A. Metrolink Station Authority, which is a joint power authority between the cities of Alhambra, Los Angeles, Monterey Park, County of Los Angeles, and California State University, Los Angeles.


  • – handles processing of business licenses, bus passes and
    tokens, parking citations and annual parking permits.
  • – develops an annual budget, working with the city manager and
    department heads and approval of the City Council.
  • – prepares required reports, such as State Controllers
    Report & Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR).
  • Investment Portfolio – oversees the City's investment portfolio.
  • Animal Control Traps – lends free animal control traps to residents (with a deposit).
  • – the Finance Director serves as Treasurer/Controller of the Cal State
    LA Metro Link Station Authority (joint-powers authority between Alhambra, Los
    Angeles, Monterey Park, L.A. County, and California State University, Los

 Permits, Licenses, & Applications

Alarm System Permit (Annual)Alarm System Permit (Annual)

Alarm System Permit Application/Make an Alarm System/Track Renewal or False Alarm Payment.

Pay a Parking TicketPay a Parking Ticket

Pay your parking ticket here.

Parking Permits (Annual)Parking Permits (Annual)

How to obtain an Annual Overnight Parking Permit.

Parking CitationsParking Citations

Pay for or contest a parking citation received in the City of Alhambra, or request a low income payment plan.

Business License Tax ScheduleBusiness License Tax Schedule

View the business license tax schedule.

Paramedic Subscription Program (Annual)Paramedic Subscription Program (Annual)

Residents who are not registered in the Paramedic Subscription Program but require medical attention/transport to a local hospital can expect an average bill of $900 for each transport.

Metro Passes and Tap CardsMetro Passes and Tap Cards

The City of Alhambra Finance Department (City Hall first-floor) has application forms for all types of subsidized fare users. Add to your TAP card at the City's Finance Dept. counter.

Business LicenseBusiness License

All businesses and contractors operating in the City of Alhambra need a Business License.

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