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Building Division Counter Hours: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Plan Check counter hours: 8:00 am to 12:00 pm (Effective October 31, 2019, our new business hours will be 7:00 am to 5:30 pm, Monday - Thursday, Closed on Fridays. New Plan Checker counter hours will be 7:00 am to 12:00 pm, Monday - Thursday)


The City Manager is the chief administrative officer for the city and appoints all chief appointive officials, except the City Attorney. The City Manager oversees the administration of Citywide departments, functions, and finances. The City Manager makes reports to the City Council and implements the vision, broad policy goals and ongoing strategic programs of the City Council.

The Management Services Department is headed by the Assistant City Manager, who is responsible for the general oversight of the department. The Management Services Department is also responsible for CDBG administration, marketing and communications, special events, intergovernmental relations, legislation and special projects. Within the Management Services Department, the Management Analyst is responsible for solid waste and recycling programs, and building maintenance.


  • HDCA – Housing and Community Development Citizen Advisory Committee
  • CDBG Administration - the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program provides cities with funds for eligible activities in the areas of housing, economic development, public facilities, social services and planning. 
  • Risk Management - serves to protect personnel and physical assets of the City from injury and loss.
  • Marketing & Communications – promotes the mission and objectives of the City, as well disseminate news and events to various media outlets.
  • Environmental Programs  oversees solid waste and recycling contract as well as the Environmental Committee
  • Online/Televised City Council Meetings – provides public with access to an online version (generally the day after the meeting). Cable rebroadcasts (Charter Channel 3 only) are aired at 7:30 pm on "off-Mondays" and Thursdays after the "live" council meeting. Obtain links to online meetings
  • Building Maintenance – maintains city facilities; for more information, call 626-570-5011
  • ADA Compliance – the Management Analyst, Julio Donayre, also serves as the ADA Coordinator for the City of Alhambra.  He can be contacted by phone at 626-570-5011 or by email at jdonayre@cityofalhambra.org.  

Blue Recycle Bin



The blue container for recyclable items is for disposing glass jars and bottles, plastic jars and bottles, metal and aluminum cans, and all clean paper. View a list of items you can and can't recycle. Do not place clothes in your recycling cart or leave large bags of clothes on the curb as Republic Services will not pick them up. Take them to a charity or Goodwill collection site. (Download a list of items accepted/not accepted by Goodwill).  Local donation centers include:

  • The Salvation Army, 1010 East Main Street, Alhambra, call 626-281-2100 or 1-800-SA-TRUCK
  • Vietnam Veterans of America, call 1-800-775-VETS or 1-800-775-8387
  • Goodwill Pasadena Donation Center, 112 East California Boulevard, Pasadena, call 626-449-3721

95-96 GALLON CONTAINER: 180 lbs; H 46-3/8 x W 25-1/4 x D 26-3/8

65-65 GALLON CONTAINER: 90 lbs; H 42-1/8 x W 25-1/4 x D 26-3/8 

32 GALLON CONTAINER: 50 lbs; H 38-1/2 x W 19 x D 22-1/4

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