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The Community Development Department is comprised of five (5) divisions : Planning, Building, Housing, Economic Development, and Code Enforcement. The Department's primary roles include the day to day administration of the City's land use regulations, building permit review of conformance with zoning regulations, rehabilitation and creation of affordable housing, creation of a vibrant and stable local business community, and ensuring compliance with the Zoning Code and other City and state regulations. The department partners with other departments and agencies to stimulate economic growth, create new jobs and plan for long-term development in the city.


  • Planning- administer and implement the City's planning and land use functions
  • Building – ensure safe construction of buildings
  • Housing – administer housing programs which includes First Time Homebuyer and Homeowner Rehabilitation Programs
  • Economic Development – promote access to economic opportunities
  • Code Enforcement – promote a safe and blight-free community by addressing substandard housing, unauthorized land and building uses, zoning violations, un-permitted work, and other Health and Safety code violations

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Code Enforcement DivisionCode Enforcement Division

Compliance and correction of violations with the City's municipal codes.

Housing DivisionHousing Division

First-time Homebuyer Assistance and Home Improvement Assistance Programs.

Economic Development DivisionEconomic Development Division

Business Recruitment, Retention and Expansion.

Building DivisionBuilding Division

Building and safety standards for design, construction, use and occupancy.

Planning DivisionPlanning Division

Implementation of City's Zoning Ordinance and General Plan.

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