Request for Proposals No. 2M20-02 New Comprehensive Zoning Code

Vanessa Reynoso, Deputy Director
Application Deadline
submittal Deadline

Addendum No. 1

The City of Alhambra (“City”) is soliciting a Request for Proposals (RFP) for the preparation of a new comprehensive Zoning Code. The City is seeking a professional consultant with attention to detail to provide a high-level of involvement in every aspect of the project to ensure a modern, well-written, highly graphic document that is technically accurate.

The City is inviting qualified firms with extensive Planning experience and a successful track record of preparing comprehensive Zoning Codes for other local jurisdictions. The selected Consultant will take the primary lead in managing the development of a new Zoning Code that will be delivered in an editable, consolidated, user-friendly format with tables and illustrative graphics that clearly communicate standards and regulations that are in compliance with recent State legislation and case law.

Read the PDF for more information on the RFP.

Proposals must be received by the City no later than noon on Thursday, Feb. 27, 2020 in the following format and to the address below. Postmarks and late proposals will not be accepted. Faxed or emailed proposals will also not be accepted. No exceptions will be made.

a) One (1) original unbound and (7) bound copies of the proposal on 8½” x 11” paper with section separators.

b) One electronic PDF format copy of all documents on a USB flash drive.

c) Submission of proposal shall be hand delivered or mailed to:

City of Alhambra Community Development Department

Attention: Vanessa Reynoso, Deputy Director

Re: RFP No. 2M20-02 - Comprehensive Zoning Code Update Proposal

111 South First Street

Alhambra, CA 91801

d) All proposals shall be submitted in sealed packages. Proposals that are incomplete will be rejected. Submission requirements are detailed in Section 7 (Proposal Requirements) of this RFP.

e) During Questions & Answers period, questions about this RFP must be directed via email to the following:

Vanessa Reynoso, Deputy Director of Community Development

Email address:

Subject line: “RFP No. R2M20-02 - Comprehensive Zoning Code Update Proposal

f) The City reserves the right to amend or supplement this RFP prior to the deadline. Clarifications and/or addenda will be issued at the City’s discretion. All amendments and/or responses to questions will be posted on the City’s website at:

g) It is the responsibility of interested parties to check the City’s webpage regularly for any potentially new information as it relates to this RFP. Failure to obtain clarifications and/or addenda from the City’s website shall not relieve the consultant from being bound by any additional terms and conditions in the clarifications and/or addenda. Any harm to the respondent from such failure shall not be valid grounds for a protest against award(s) made against this solicitation.

h) The City has attempted to provide all information available in this RFP. However, it is the responsibility of each respondent to review, evaluate, and as necessary, request any clarification during the open Question & Answers period prior to the submittal of a proposal.

i) From the date this RFP is released until the selection is announced by the City, no communication outside the process set forth in this RFP with any City employees will be allowed. No questions other than written questions submitted during the Questions & Answers period will be accepted and no response(s) other than those posted on the City’s website will be provided. The City reserves the right to reject any proposal for violation of this provision.

j) No formal pre-proposal conference or communication will be held.