August 21, 2018

Tree Ordinance Information

The City Council adopted a tree ordinance amending an Alhambra Municipal Code that recognizes Oak Trees and other California trees as significant aesthetic and ecological resources.

The ordinance was adopted by the City Council on July 23rd and new    regulations for Alhambra community members will go into effect starting  August 23rd.  This will include a new tree removal process for residential  property owners in the R-1 and R-2 Zones (single family and medium  density residential zones).

Residential property owners will need to go through the tree removal process only if a tree on their property needs to be removed in the front or side yards that face the street.  Trees in the back yard and side yard that do not face the street will be exempt from this new rule. In R-3 Zones and the remainder of the City’s areas, residents will be required to file for a permit and/or replacement of a significant tree.

The new approval process will help City officials with the preservation of significant California Native Trees. The Community Development Department has put together a list of trees that can be found in Alhambra, including Big Leaf Maples, California Buckeye and Canyon Live Oak.

Timelines for tree removal will vary depending on project, scope of work and modifications.  Residents will receive inserts with more detailed information in their upcoming utility bills. Visit the Community Development Department's Tree Ordinance page or call the Planning Division at  626-570-5034 with questions or for more information.

Post written by:
City of Alhambra

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