Alhambra Chamber of Commerce

The project includes the expansion of the existing service building on 2.82 acres within the northwest portion of the New Century BMW Dealership property located at the northwest corner of Main Street and Atlantic Boulevard. The project site for the service building expansion was developed with a surface parking area that had a car wash area, programming stations for vehicles, and a trash storage area. The project applicant demolished the existing surface parking area and constructed a two level addition to the existing service building to meet current customer demand. The ground level of the expansion (consisting of 25,100 square feet) included the existing program stations and trash disposal area and the addition of 34 new service bays and storage area. The first tier of the expansion included the relocation of the car wash area and a new car inventory parking area with 51 spaces. The roof deck provides a new inventory parking area with 62 spaces. Internal ramps and a car elevator provides access between the levels and a drive aisle on each level connects the expansion to the existing service building. An existing driveway from Olive Avenue provides access to the project.


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