How do I open a new business?

All businesses operating from a store, office, warehouse, manufacturing plant, etc. must obtain a Certificate of Occupancy, or a Home Occupation Permit if you're operating a business at your home, and Business License. Applications for both are available online.
All businesses operating in the City of Alhambra are required to obtain authorization from the property owner to conduct a business at their property. The Property Authorization of Use form must be submitted with the Certificate of Occupancy or Home Occupation Permit applications.
All businesses will also need to apply for a Business License at the Finance Department after applying for a Certificate of Occupancy or Home Occupation Permit. (APPLICANT MUST APPLY FOR A CERTIFICATE OF OCCUPANCY OR HOME OCCUPATION PERMIT AND GET APPROVALS BEFORE APPLYING FOR A BUSINESS LICENSE.) You can apply for a business license at the Finance Department.  

Guide to Obtaining a Certificate of Occupancy

Guide to Obtaining a Home Occupation Permit

For information regarding the Certificate of Occupancy or Home Occupation, please contact the Economic Development Division at 626-570-5034 or visit the Economic Development page. For more information regarding the Business License, please contact the Finance Department at 626-570-5020.