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1. How can I reserve a picnic shelter?
2. Can we register online?
3. What are park hours?
4. Why aren't goggles allowed to be used during recreational swims?
5. Why are parents only allowed to take photos on the first and last day of swim lessons?
6. Can I register my child for swim lessons once the session has started?
7. Can I volunteer or complete my community service requirements through parks and recreation?
8. How can I get a space at the community garden?
9. Can I bring my dog to the park? Are there areas were a dog is not allowed?
10. Can I bring alcohol to the park?
11. Can people use the flat areas of any park to play soccer/football etc?
12. Can I bring a radio to the park?
13. Can I bring an easy-up to the park?
14. Can I rent a softball field for a birthday party?
15. Can I drive my car on park property to unload my party supplies?
16. What is the reservation time line?
17. Do I have to pay for a "first-come, first-serve" picnic area?
18. When should I reserve a picnic shelter?
19. How can I get information about little league or AYSO?
20. Who can I contact for information on senior services?
21. Is there a multiple child discount?
22. Do I have to be an Alhambra resident to participate in Alhambra leisure classes?
23. Who do I contact for information on Alhambra leisure classes?