August 7, 2020

California Neighborhoods Count


The RAND Corporation will be conducting a survey called California Neighborhoods Count from July 2020 to November 2020 in Alhambra's jurisdiction. They aim to collect demographic and neighborhood information in communities throughout the state, and information on awareness and participation in the 2020 Census. This information will be used to help us with our population estimates over the next decade, which impact resource funding decisions and planning - including law enforcement, healthcare, housing, schools, senior centers, public safety, and roads -for neighborhoods all across the state. In addition, the survey data will help us assess the success of our 2020 Census outreach efforts.

You may notice a RAND team of data collectors walking around neighborhoods and knocking on doors. Please note:

• The team of data collectors were carefully selected and trained and have all passed extensive background checks.

• The data collectors will be wearing protective equipment and will maintain a distance of 6 feet when speaking to residents. They will be wearing a vest with the project name (California Neighborhoods Count) and will carry an identification badge.

• The team of data collectors are simply counting the number of housing units in and asking neighborhood residents to fill out a survey. They are not selling anything.

•      The study is sponsored by the State of California- see attached letter of endorsement. The data collected will help the State in making important decisions about how to allocate funding for services and infrastructure - including funding for local law enforcement!

Please note, these data collectors are NOT U.S. Census Bureau representatives.

Census enumerators will begin following up with non-responsive households around August 11th. To verify that someone is a Census taker, visit this link.