Starting on Monday, August 5, the City will begin a repaving project to repave certain sections of alleyways throughout the City. The sections scheduled for repaving for phase 5 is anticipated to last approximately 5 weeks. Please refer to the project map for locations, dates and times when the project is scheduled to begin and end in the designated section of the City.

Phase 5 - Tentatively scheduled for August 5, 2019 to September 6, 2019

Map of Phase 5 Project Area

Download a copy of the phase 5 project map and temporary trash container pick-up relocation.

Trash Service

Residents whose trash is normally picked-up in alleyways, will have their trash containers and large trash bins temporarily picked-up in front of their homes until the repaving of the alleyway is complete. (Note: the temporary relocation of the trash containers to the front of homes will only affect those residents whose trash containers are normally serviced in alleyways). If you have any questions about how your trash collection services will be affected by this project, you may call Republic Services at 800-299-4898.

Overnight Parking Enforcement Relaxation

Vehicles will not be allowed to access or park in the alleyways during the project. Residents are advised to make alternative arrangements to park their vehicles. Overnight street parking enforcement will be relaxed in the affected project area for phase 5 during the reconstruction of the alleyway.

The entire project will be comprised of several phases and is tentatively scheduled to be completed by late summer. For questions regarding this project you may contact the project manager, City of Alhambra Engineering Technician, Robert Bias at 626-570-5062 or by email at