June 16, 2021

Advancing Alhambra Community Meeting

Advancing Alhambra is the City’s plan to improve local roads for residents by identifying specific locations for improvements, understanding the experience of area residents, and outlining potential solutions to alleviate pass-through traffic on local thoroughfares.

For decades Alhambra has been dealing with traffic snarling up our street morning, noon and night. We think it’s time to take the wheel. Our goal is to bring relief to our roads and to you, and to advance Alhambra.

We encourage you to participate every step of the way! Join us June 16th at 6pm for a live, online community meeting about Alhambra's plans to cut traffic on our major roads. To learn more about the project, visit: https://advancingalhambra.org/project.

Register to receive the meeting link: https://bit.ly/710Alhambra

meeting flyer june 16th at 6pm