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626 Golden Streets, presented by Metro, will link the Meridian Gold Line Station in South Pasadena with downtown Alhambra and the historic San Gabriel Mission. This event is modeled after the thousands of other "open streets" or "ciclovia" events that have been organized throughout the region. 626 Golden Streets will temporarily open stretches of roadway for people to walk, jog, skate, bike and more.

There will be no "right" way to experience Golden Streets. No finish line. Participants may join and depart the route anywhere they wish. We only ask that you be considerate and courteous of others along the way, enjoy the event at your own pace, and check out the many local businesses, organizations, community groups and more who will be found across the route.

626 Golden Streets Mission-to-Mission Route Map
626 Mission-to-Mission Route Map

The goals of the event are to raise awareness about the Gold Line Foothill Extension and future plans, encourage local residents to walk, bike, skate and scoot to the new Gold Line stations, and allow local residents of all ages and abilities to experience streets from a unique perspective. The goals will be met by:

  • Promoting sustainable, active modes of transportation.
  • Encouraging play and community connections.
  • Improving the health of people of all incomes, abilities, and backgrounds.

How to Get to 626 Golden Streets

There is no start/finish, meaning participants are welcome to join the event anywhere along the route. However we encourage participants to access the event via metro and/or people-power!

By bike:

  • Arroyo Seco Trail - The class I path comes within a mile of the South Pasadena start of the event. Take the path to its terminus, turn right (east) on Monterey Road and then left (north) onto Mission Street.

By metro:

  • The Foothill Gold Line directly touches the route at South Pasadena station.
  • Bikes, strollers, skateboards, unicycles and wheelchairs are welcome on Metro. For more information check out the Metro Trip Planner here: metro.net.

By car:

  • We encourage attendees arriving by private automobile to park at Metro stations along the route or utilize street parking. Some restrictions may apply.

To find out more about 626 Golden Streets Mission-to-Mission event, please visit their website here: www.626goldenstreets.com.