How do I file a complaint?

For complaints, call the Community Development Department Complaint Hotline at 626-570-3230 (available 24 hours a day) or complete the online Complaint Form.

The Community Development Department Complaint Hotline was established to help expedite the investigation of potential code violations. The Planning and Building Divisions address code violations pertaining to illegal interior or exterior construction, garage conversions, canopies on private property, illegal business signs or banners, disrepair of property (structural in nature), or fence/wall construction.

The Code Enforcement Division addresses code violations pertaining to property maintenance, garage or yard sales, illegal dumping, inoperable vehicles, shopping carts, and front yard parking.

Please note that any anonymous complaints will not be investigated. It is important to provide your name and phone number in the event that City staff needs to contact you for further information. All contact information is kept confidential.

The Community Development Department does not investigate complaints regarding tenant and landowner disputes or neighborhood disputes unless they are code-related. For complaints regarding tenant/landlord disputes, please call the Housing Rights Center at 626-791-0211 or 800-477-5977.

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