Why did the City Council adopt a new smoking ordinance?

In order to promote and protect public health, safety, and general welfare, the Alhambra City Council adopted an ordinance updating chapter 9.18 of the Alhambra Municipal Code to identify additional areas where smoking is prohibited. Ordinance Number O2M21-4785 (PDF) prohibits smoking in all public places, including outdoor dining areas, parks or public grounds (excluding the Alhambra Municipal Golf Course), public event areas, service areas, sidewalks, common areas of multi-unit housing, within 20 feet of any vent or enclosed area and any outdoor job or work sites. The ordinance is further intended to ensure a cleaner and more hygienic environment for the city, its residents and visitors, and its natural resources.

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1. Why did the City Council adopt a new smoking ordinance?
2. Which public areas are affected by the new ordinance?
3. Does the ordinance apply to private residential property?
4. How are multi-unit residential properties affected?
5. Where else is smoking prohibited?
6. When will the new ordinance go into effect?
7. Are there any exceptions?
8. Does the new ordinance address electronic cigarettes and vaping?
9. What about hotels, motels, or bed and breakfast establishments?
10. How will these new regulations be enforced?
11. How much are the fines if someone is caught violating the ordinance?