Building or Zoning complaint?

Call the Building and Zoning Complaint Hotline at 626-300-1584, or complete the online interactive complaint form for matters such as illegal interior or exterior construction, garage conversions, canopies on private property, illegal business signs or banners, the disrepair of property or fence/wall construction.

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1. Abandoned shopping carts?
2. Abandoned vehicle on public property?
3. ACT bus?
4. Alhambra courthouse (L.A. County Superior Court, NE Division)?
5. Alhambra Historical Museum?
6. Almansor Park Gym?
7. American Red Cross - San Gabriel Valley / Pomona Chapter?
8. Animal-related complaint?
9. Aquatics Programming / Operations?
10. Automobile Club (AAA)?
11. Bee swarms?
12. Better Business Bureau?
13. Bidding opportunities?
14. Birth / Death / Marriage Certificate or to file for divorce?
15. Building or Zoning complaint?
16. Building Permit?
17. Bulky item disposal (furniture, large appliance, computer, etc.)?
18. Bus and rail passes / Tap Cards (Metro)?
19. Bus (ACT Representative)?
20. Business License (new)?
21. Cable / Satellite TV Services?
22. City Council agenda or public record or official City document?
23. City Council member?
24. Claims against the City?
25. Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)?
26. Consumer fraud complaints?
27. Contractor complaints?
28. Dog license renewal?
29. Elderly care?
30. Employment opportunities?
31. Fence installation?
32. File a claim against the City?
33. Fingerprinting services?
34. First-Aid and CPR classes hosted by the AFD?
35. First-time homebuyer programs and / or home modification assistance?
36. For board and committee meeting agendas?
37. For moving violation questions?
38. For a temporary overnight parking permit?
39. Garage sale?
40. Graffiti on trash cans?
41. Graffiti?
42. Hazardous trees, shrubs or walls that are obstructing traffic?
43. Household hazardous waste (HHW) disposal?
44. Illegal business activities in a home or garage?
45. Illegal Parking (street, alley, front yard at night, sidewalk, parkway, abandoned or inoperable)? Inoperable Vehicle on private property?
46. Leisure class registration?
47. Loud noise such as construction, domestic quarrel or disturbance of the peace?
48. Loud noise of a mechanical nature?
49. Malfunctioning street light or signal?
50. Neighbor dispute over a tree, bush, fence or property line?
51. New business?
52. Obstruction related to public property or public right of way?
53. Paramedic Subscription Program?
54. Park facility (picnic shelter) reservation?
55. Parking citation?
56. Parking lot issue (on City-owned property)?
57. Parking Lot / Parking Structure?
58. Parking Permit?
59. Post Office?
60. Potholes?
61. Power Outages?
62. Property maintenance complaints?
63. Property Tax related questions?
64. Renting a trash bin?
65. Report a drug or arson-related issue anonymously?
66. Section 8 (low-income housing)?
67. Senior care issues?
68. Sewer related problem?
69. Sidewalk or street in need of repair?
70. Street sweeping issue?
71. Streetlight or signal outage?
72. Tenant / Landlord dispute?
73. Traffic and street parking enforcement matters, including street sweeping violations and abandoned vehicles in the City of Alhambra?
74. Trash containers left in the parkway?
75. Tree trimming or tree removal in the public right of way?
76. Unlicensed solicitor?
77. Voter registration?
78. Water service or to report a broken water line or pipe?