What is the Shorb Garden?

Shorb Garden, located just north of the Customer Service Center, features xeriscape plants comprised of natural native California plant materials that promote water conservation and water awareness. A decorative water fountain located within a city-inspired Moorish arch, a historic mural outside the building, and a statute of James DeBarth Shorb, the father of Alhambra's water service grace the urban garden space.

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1. How do I establish water/sewer services?
2. Is a deposit required?
3. When is my bill late?
4. Can I get an extension or make payment arrangements on my past due bill?
5. Have you received my payment?
6. Where can I pay my bill?
7. Who can I contact if I have questions or concerns?
8. What is the Shorb Garden?
9. What are current water and sewer rates?