While driving my car, I struck and damaged property (other than another car). What do I do?

You must locate a responsible person (property owner) who owns the property. Once you locate the responsible person of the property that was damaged, you exchange information per 16025(a)V.C. The information that is exchanged is the current driver's license name, address, license number, license plate number or vehicle identification number (VIN), and current proof of insurance. Once that is accomplished, depending on the severity of the collision if the damage to the property of any one person in excess of seven hundred fifty dollars ($750), or in bodily injury, or in the death of any person shall report the accident, within 10 days after the accident, either personally or through an insurance agent, broker, or legal representative, on a form approved by the DMV per 16000(a) V.C.

If you are in the City of Alhambra and you are involved in a collision, please contact the Alhambra Police Department at 626-570-5151 to report the collision and a Dispatcher will assist you.

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