What are your overnight parking regulations?

Any vehicle without a valid Overnight Parking Permit or Handicap Placard may be cited for being in violation of the 2 am to 6 am parking restriction.

A Temporary Parking Permit can be obtained from the self-service parking machine, located in the Police Department's lobby or at the 7-Eleven located at 2150 S. Fremont Ave, for a fee of $5 per night. For a.50 convenience fee, a Temporary Parking Permit for up to ten days may be purchased online for $5.50.

Recreational vehicles may obtain a 72-hour parking permit for $9. This permit will only be issued for the purpose of loading or unloading a recreational vehicle either before or after a trip.

No permit shall be issued to commercial vehicles exceeding 6,000 pounds gross vehicle weight, non-motorized vehicles, trailers, vehicles exceeding six feet in width, vehicles exceeding 20 feet in length, vehicles exceeding eight feet in height.

No overnight parking is allowed on the following streets; Atlantic Boulevard, Fremont Avenue, Garfield Avenue, Main Street, Mission Road, and Valley Boulevard.

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1. What are your overnight parking regulations?
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