Motor Oil

Did you know that used motor oil never wears out? It just gets dirty and can be recycled, cleaned, and used again. Recycling used motor oil conserves a natural resource (oil) and is also good for the environment.  Motor oil poured onto the ground, into storm drains, or tossed into trash cans (even in a sealed container) can contaminate and pollute the soil, groundwater, streams, and rivers. It’s also illegal. Recycling your used motor oil reduces this pollution threat. When you take your used oil to a certified center for recycling, you are protecting the environment, conserving a valuable resource, and getting paid for it. 

Visit the CalRecycle's Used Oil Certified Collection Centers website to find a recycling location near you or call the hotline at 800-253-2687 (800-CLEANUP) for additional questions.

Motor Oil Recycling Tips

  • Store your used motor oil in a sealed, leak-proof container. To recycle your used oil filter, simply place the old filter in a leak-proof container such as a coffee can with lid or resealable plastic bag.
  • Do not mix oil with gasoline, automotive liquids, other liquids or debris as this contamination makes it hazardous and not recyclable.
  • Used Motor Oil Recycling Centers will take between 5-20 gallons per day, per person. Call first to check hours of operation and actual quantities accepted.
  • The City of Alhambra encourages use of environmentally-friendly re-refined motor oil. Re-refining cleans the oil so that it can be used as base oil and mixed with fresh additives. Re-refined oil is just as good as new. If you are not familiar with its benefits you may find more information at CalRecycle's: Re-Refined Motor Oil web page.

Alhambra's Certified Used Motor Oil Recycling

  • Auto Zone
    1100 West Commonwealth Avenue
  • Bob Wondries Ford
    400 South Atlantic Boulevard
  • Firestone Store
    837 East Main Street
  • O'Reilly Auto Parts
    800 East Valley Boulevard 
  • Jiffy Lube
    1332 South Fremont Avenue
  • Wondries Toyota
    1543 West Main Street
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