Traffic Bureau

The Traffic Bureau is committed to providing a safe and efficient flow of traffic within the City of Alhambra through a proactive enforcement strategy using a statistical analysis of reported accidents. The Bureau utilizes a community-oriented policing and multi-agency approach to vehicular and pedestrian safety, enforcement, and education.

The Traffic Bureau is responsible for:

  • responding to and investigating all fatal traffic collisions that occur within the City of Alhambra.
  • identifying areas in the city where an abnormal amount of collisions take place to determine if a change can be made to reduce future collisions.
  • investigating all reported hit-and-run collisions through evidence collection, interviewing witnesses, arresting suspects, and the possibility of filing criminal charges.
  • scheduling and deployment of DUI checkpoints and/or roving DUI patrols to prevent individuals from driving under the influence or apprehending violators.
  • enforcement of city parking codes including street sweeping violations, extended parking, and abandoned vehicles.

Traffic Citations

The Alhambra Police Department does NOT accept traffic (moving) citation payments. The court address and court date will be marked at the bottom of the citation. By signing the ticket, you are not admitting guilt, but you are promising to appear in court on or before that date.

The court will usually send a courtesy notice to the address on the citation. If you do not receive a courtesy notice, you would have to go in person to the assigned court and locate their traffic window. The court clerk will provide you with the bail amount (how much to pay) and traffic school information. If you have attended traffic school within 18 months of the violation, you will not qualify for traffic school.

To pay, view, or check the status of a ticket or payment plan, please visit the City of Alhambra Parking Portal.

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