What to Expect

What to Expect From Rental Housing Inspection Program:

Step 1

Code Enforcement Officers who are assigned to the program will begin proactively visiting rental properties in the CDBG area. They will be distributing the following informational material to all tenants at each rental housing units:

Step 2

Code Enforcement Officers will mail the following to all rental property owners including their property managers (if applicable):

Rental Property owners approved for Self-Certification Inspection:

Rental housing properties or units found with no exterior violations will permit the property owners to be approved for self-certification. The rental property owner and/or property manager (if applicable) will be notified to complete the Self-Certification Inspection Checklist and submit it to the Code enforcement Office within 30 days of the notification. If the Self-Certification Inspection Checklist is not submitted timely then the Code enforcement Officer will notify the rental property owner of the inspection date and timeframe to perform an onsite inspection.

Rental Property owners without Self-Certification Inspection:

Rental Property owners and property managers (if applicable) will be notified by letter advising of the scheduled inspection date, which will occur a minimum of 14 days from the date of the letter, unless there are priority violations found.  If the property is a multi-family property, a secondary notice may be posted at the site to inform tenants of the upcoming inspection. Rental properties not meeting the minimum health and safety code requirements will be issued a Habitability Inspection checklist and a correction date for re-inspection to ensure compliance.

Step 3

Code Enforcement Officers with consent and cooperation of rental property owners and/or tenants of rental housing units will perform an interior and exterior inspection to ensure compliance with habitability laws and City codes. They will complete the following form:

If violation(s) are observed they will issue the Habitability Inspection Checklist to the tenant and rental property owner including their property manager (if applicable). The checklist will indicate a reasonable compliance deadline for the rental property owner and/or their designated property manager to correct said violation(s).

Step 4

Code Enforcement Officers with conduct subsequent follow-ups until compliance is achieved in full. Any rental housing unit found to remain in violation for more than 30 days after a Habitability Inspection Checklist has been issued shall subject the rental property owner to the following:

  • Final Notice of Violation;
  • Rental inspection Fee of $130.00 per visit; 
  • Re-inspection fee of $85.00 (1st and 2nd visit) and $106.00 (3rd and subsequent visits);
  • Administrative Citations (fines from $100 to $1,300) per offense, per day;
  • Office conference;
  • Criminal citation (Court notice to appear) and/or prosecution referral; and/or
  • Any and all other legal remedies available by City code, County or State law.