Public Comment Form

Public Comment Form on Communities of Interest

Input from the public is critical to help inform the City Council about your Community of Interest.  The City of Alhambra has prepared this Public Comment Form to provide the public with a way of submitting information on characteristics that may define your Community of Interest.  

The concept of protecting Communities of Interest is to draw boundaries in a manner that preserves communities that share common interests and that should be included within a single district for purposes of their effective and fair representation. There are many types of common interests that may identify a Community of Interest. For example, communities may be defined by the location of geographic boundaries or features, such as a City, parks, lakes, mountains or freeways. Communities may share a common culture or language. Communities may be defined by their neighborhood, or by the location of cultural, religious or educational institutions. Certain public services, like public schools and public transit may also help define a community.

If you would like the City Council to consider a particular Community of Interest, we invite you to complete and submit a Public Comment Form, to speak at a public hearing or to submit your written comments to the City. All personal information listed on this form is voluntary and will become a part of the City of Alhambra’s public record. The public is not required to fill out all of the questions below, but the more information the City gathers, the better informed the process of redrawing City Council district boundaries will be. Click on the image below to complete the form.

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