Blue, Green, & Black Waste Containers

For service information, call Republic Services at 1-800-299-4898, send an email to or visit their office at 104 South First Street, Alhambra, CA 91801 (inside the Chamber of Commerce Building)

View Cart Information: Green - Organics Waste Cart (PDF), Blue - Recycling Cart (PDF) and Black - Trash Cart (PDF).

Additional information on what goes into each cart: Dos and Don'ts in English, Dos and Don'ts in Chinese, and Dos and Don'ts in Spanish.

Sorting Infographic on what goes into each container.

Please place full carts at the curb or alley by 6 am on the day of your service. Return them to their regular location by the end of your service day.

  1. Blue Recycle Container
  2. Green Organics Waste Container
  3. Black Trash Container

Using the Blue Container

The blue container for recyclable items is for glass jars and bottles, plastic jars and bottles, metal and aluminum cans, and all clean paper and cardboard. View a list of items you can and can't recycle. View the following list of helpful video clips from Republic Services on how to become a better recycler:

Do not place clothes in your recycling cart or leave large bags of clothes on the curb as Republic Services will not pick them up. Take them to a charity or Goodwill collection site. Download a list of items accepted/not accepted (PDF) by Goodwill. View a list of local donation centers.


Blue Container Measurements

  • 95 to 96 Gallon Container: 180 pounds; Height 46-3/8 by Width 25-1/4 by Depth 26-3/8
  • 65 Gallon Container: 90 pounds; Height 42-1/8 by Width 25-1/4 by Depth 26-3/8
  • 32 Gallon Container: 50 pounds; Height 38-1/2 by Width 19 by Depth 22-1/4

Dos and Don'ts

Download, print, and reference the following Dos and Don'ts infographic on what your blue container can and cannot accept:

Recycling Dos


Special Instructions


Glass JarsThe tops are only recyclable when they are removed from the glass jars and placed in the cart separately.Rinse
Plastic JarsThe plastic tops may remain on the plastic jars.Rinse
Glass BottlesRinse out. Remove the twist or pop tops and place in the recycle cart.The tops are only recyclable when they are removed from the glass bottles and placed in the cart separately.
Aluminum CansRinse out.The pull-tops are recyclable as long as they stay on the can or are inside the can.
Wine/Alcoholic Beverage BottlesRinse out. Remove the screw tops and recycle them separately.Corks do not need to be removed from the wine bottles. The screw tops need to be removed and placed in the recycle cart.
Plastic Bottles (including squeeze bottles)Rinse out.If the tops are plastic and the bottom is plastic, they do not need to be separated before placing into the recycle cart.
Plastic Seal on Frozen Food ContainerN/AN/A
Plastic Food ContainersRinse and dry containers.For example, microwave/frozen food, deli takeout box and/or tuna lunch-to-go containers (bottom half)
Milk/Juice Cartons Broth Cartons, etc.Rinse out.Tetra Pak containers only (products that have been aseptically packaged using a system of plastic-coated paperboard).
Juice Containers with Pull TabsFor example, coconut juiceTetra Pak containers only (products that have been aseptically packaged using a system of plastic-coated paperboard).
Juice PouchesN/AYou may leave the straw in the pouch when putting in the recycle cart.
AluminumAluminum foil must be clean and free of food debris.Yoplait pull tops and Hershey's Kiss wrappers cannot be recycled. These are too small to get sorted off the Material Recovery Facility (MRF) line and contain more than one material.
Tin Cans with LidsRinseN/A
Cardboard BoxesBreak down before placing in the recycle cart.Wax-coated, glossy-coated or distinctively yellow corrugated soft cardboard are not recyclable.
Gift BoxesN/AN/A
Shirt BoxesN/AN/A
Back of NotepadN/AN/A
Tissue BoxesTear out the plastic around the dispenser area and place in the trash cart.N/A
Toothpaste Boxes and Other Similar BoxesN/AN/A
Dry Food BoxesRecycle the outer box, but take out the inside bag and place it in the trash cart.Rinse
Paper Towel & Toilet Paper Inside RollN/AN/A
Poster BoardN/AN/A
Beverage Carton ContainerN/AN/A
Pasta BoxesRemove the plastic window and put in the trash cart.N/A
All Paper Computer/Copier, Ledger Wrapping Paper (no foil), Arts and Crafts, Paper, Unwanted Mail, Flyers, Telephone Books, Note Cards, Newspapers, Blueprints, Magazines, File Folders, Paper Bags, Post-It-Notes, Catalogs, Envelopes (including those with windows)All paper must be dry.N/A
Cooking Oil Spray CanMust be empty.N/A
New Tuna ContainersRinse out the tin before placing in the recycle cart.The paper and/or plastic pull-top needs to be removed from the tin can and placed in the trash cart. Tuna pouches are not recyclable.
Containers (like Deviled Ham)Remove the paper from the can and place in the trash cart.The tin can is recyclable, but the paper is not.
Vitamin/Supplement BottlesThe lid should be removed from the glass bottles and placed separately in the recycle cart.N/A
Cosmetic Jars and BottlesRinse out. Remove the lid if the container is glass.The lid should be removed from the glass bottles and placed separately in the recycle cart.
Soap Bottles with Pump TopsDo not remove the pump top if it is of the same material as the bottle.Rinse
Plastic ToysTake off any metal.N/A

Recycling Don'ts


Special Instructions


Toothpaste TubesBlack trash container
These are too small to get sorted off the Material Recovery Facility (MRF) line.
Instant Meal SoupsGreen organics containerFor example, dry soups, ramen noodles, etc.
Dog/Cat Food Bags (Paper)Black trash container
These are contaminated by the dog/cat food inside.
Bag Material with Plastic lining (i.e., 20-lb. rice bags)Black trash container
Mixed material cannot be recycled.
Pizza BoxesGreen organics container
Cannot be recycled when contaminated with food. However, can be composted since it is made of paper (an organic material).
PaperboardBlack trash container

FOIL on any paperboard (or on the inside of any plastic bag, etc.) is not recyclable.
Uncle Ben's Ready PouchesBlack trash container
Energy Gel containerBlack trash container
StyrofoamBlack trash container
Wax-Coated Box Covers and Similar Products (i.e., Dixie Cups)Black trash container
These are not made from Tetra Pak. Vanity Fair® plates and Dixie coated paper cups are not recyclable.
Plastic BagsBlack trash container
Bundle all lose plastic bags into one single bag and place in the trash container.
Grocery BagsBlack trash container
Produce/Bulky Bin BagsBlack trash container
Potato, Apple and Carrot BagsBlack trash containerN/A
Ziploc BagsBlack trash container
Sandwich BagsBlack trash container
Home-Delivered Newspaper BagsBlack trash container
Dry Cleaner BagsBlack trash container
Plastic Wrap and Bubble WrapBlack trash containerN/A
Floral WrapsBlack trash container
Plastic over Individual Juice Cartons and Over Case DrinksBlack trash container
Plastic Wrap around CD/DVDsBlack trash container
Snack Cracker Plastic WrapBlack trash container
Bread and Rice Cake BagsBlack trash container
Candy WrappersBlack trash container
Chips BagsBlack trash container
Frozen Vegetable and Fruit BagsBlack trash container
Reusable Bags with Ziploc TopBlack trash container
Rice, Bean, Pasta BagsBlack trash container
Tortilla BagsBlack trash container
Torn, Empty Trash BagsBlack trash container
Individual Cheese WrapperBlack trash containerN/A