Prevention & Graffiti Hotline

Please report graffiti you see in Alhambra to the Graffiti Hotline at 626-570-5072. For graffiti on trash bins, call 626-570-5011. Please identify the location (be specific as possible) of where the graffiti is seen and please remember that if you wish, you can remain anonymous.

Neighborhoods with graffiti can increase residents' fears about their safety, reduce property values, and cost the city thousands of dollars per year in removal and clean-up. Graffiti communicates a message to criminals that perhaps residents don't care about their neighborhoods and the notion that it might be a good place for criminal activity. Youth gangs often use graffiti to mark territory, send messages and intimidate rival gangs and community residents. These are young people who may be seeking recognition from their peers for their daring behavior. Most graffiti vandals are between the ages of 14-17, but some are younger. They often tote backpacks to carry the tools of the trade (spray paint, paint sticks, markers, etching equipment, etc.).

How We Can Win the War Against Graffiti

  • Clean up Graffiti as Soon as Possible: Return the paint color to the existing surface color as soon as possible. Help deny the vandal the chance to display his/her work by removing graffiti within 24 hours. Although the clean-up may be required, again and again, patience and persistence pay off.
  • Use Deterrents to Prevent Graffiti: Use landscaping, such as prickly plants, brushes, and/or shrubs to slow down or eliminate repeat graffiti activity. Lights and sprinklers on timers also help protect vulnerable areas. Coat walls with special paint products that do not allow spray paints to adhere or that make them easier to clean up.
  • Keep Neighbors Informed of Graffiti Activity: Notify property owners of Alhambra's ordinance that requires them to keep their property graffiti-free.
  • Start a Neighborhood Watch Group in Your Neighborhood: Work with your neighbors to identify and report graffiti vandals to the Alhambra Police Department.
  • Report Businesses That Violate Our Anti-Graffiti Ordinance: Alhambra prohibits the sale of spray paint and other graffiti implements to minors. Ordinance Number 093-5251 makes it unlawful for any person to apply graffiti within the City of Alhambra. It also prohibits property owners from allowing any graffiti markings in public view to remain visible on their property for longer than seven days. Minors are prohibited from possessing any graffiti implement on public property. All persons are prohibited from selling or supplying a minor with a graffiti implement. Section 9.57.100 states that pursuant to California Civil Code, the parents or legal guardians of a minor child who applies graffiti shall be jointly and severally liable for payment of civil damages resulting from the misconduct of the child. If you suspect that your child or an acquaintance is involved with graffiti, please contact the Crime Prevention Office at 626-570-5177.