R-2 Development Standards

R-2 Development Standards

All R-2 projects may be subject to the following standards. Contact the Planning Division for more information. You can also download the R-2 Development Standards brochure (PDF).

Setbacks & Standards for R-2 Properties

Minimum Front Yard

  • Average of the front setbacks of the two adjacent properties, with a minimum of 20 feet. Minimum of 50 feet from the centerline of the street if the street has a right-of-way less than 60 feet.

Minimum Side Yard

  • Five feet for each interior side yard, increased by one foot for each story or partial story above the first floor

Minimum Corner Side Yard

  • 10 feet for the street side of a corner lot, or 40 feet from the centerline of the street where lot sides upon street having a right-of-way of less than 60 feet. For a reversed corner lot, a side yard equaling the required front yard setback of the first lot to its rear.

Minimum Rear Yard

  • 10 feet

Maximum Height

  • 2 stories, 25 feet

Maximum Lot Coverage

  • 45%

Maximum Floor Area Ratio

  • 0.35

Minimum Distance Between Buildings

  • 6 feet if only one or neither building is used for residential purposes
  • 10 feet if both buildings are used for residential purposes

Minimum Habitable Space Per Dwelling Occupant

  • 150 square feet

R-2 Minimum Dwelling Unit Size

R-2 Parking Requirements

  • Two covered spaces within an enclosed garage for each unit with a minimum width of nine feet, zero inches, and a minimum depth of 20 feet, zero inches (9 feet by 20 feet)
  • One additional parking space for each 750 square feet of gross living area in excess of 2,000 square feet Additional spaces may be uncovered
  • Tandem parking may be permitted per §23.52.070(C)(4), contact a Planner for more information
  • See the Off-Street Parking Standards page for more details

R-2 Landscaping Requirements

  • No more than 25% of the front yard setback area shall be covered by non-decorative hardscape features
  • No more than 25% may be covered by decorative permeable hardscape features
  • The remaining 50% front yard setback area, must be of drought-tolerant landscape material
  • Artificial turf must adhere to all design standards outlined in AMC Section 23.48.020(1)
  • Any changes to existing Landscaping shall be approved by the Planning Division
  • Drip irrigation shall be considered whenever appropriate
  • See AMC Section 23.48 for more details