R-1 Development Standards

R-1 Development Standards

All R-1 projects may be subject to the following standards. Contact the Planning Division for more information. You can also download the R-1 Development Standards brochure (PDF).

Setbacks & Standards for R-1 Properties

Minimum Front Yard

  • 25 feet for structures up to 20 feet in height. If a street has a right-of-way of less than 60 feet, 55 feet from the centerline of the street for structure up to 20 feet in height. For structures over 20 feet in height, an additional 5 feet of a front yard or a 40° angle from the front property line, whichever is greater, shall be provided for that portion of the structure above 20 feet.

Minimum Side Yard

  • Five feet for each interior side yard, increased by one foot for each story or partial story above the first floor

Minimum Corner Side Yard

  • 10 feet for the street side of a corner lot, or 40 feet from the centerline of the street where lot sides upon street having a right-of-way of less than 60 feet
  • For a reversed corner lot, a side yard equaling the required front yard setback of the first lot to its rear

‍Minimum Rear Yard

  • 20% of lot depth, up to 15 feet

‍Maximum Floor Area Ratio

  • Lot area less than 10,000 square feet: 0.35
  • Lot area between 10,000 and 19,999 square feet: 0.325
  • Lot area 20,000 square feet and over: 0.30

Maximum Height

  • 2 stories, 25 feet

Maximum Lot Coverage

  • 50% if all buildings on the property are one story
  • 40% if any buildings or portion thereof contain more than one story

Minimum Distance Between Buildings

  • 6 feet

Minimum Habitable Space Per Dwelling Occupant

  • 150 square feet

R-1 Minimum Dwelling Unit Size

R-1 Parking Standards

  • Two covered spaces within an enclosed garage for each unit with a minimum width of nine feet, zero inches, and a minimum depth of 20 feet, zero inches (9 feet by 20 feet)
  • One additional parking space for each 750 square feet of gross living area in excess of 2,000 square feet
  • Tandem parking may be permitted per §23.52.070(C)(4), see a Planner for more information
  • See the Off-Street Parking Standards page for more details

R-1 Landscaping Requirements

  • No more than 25% of the front yard setback area shall be covered by non-decorative hardscape features
  • No more than 25% may be covered by decorative permeable hardscape features
  • The remaining 50% front yard setback area, must be of drought-tolerant landscape material
  • Artificial turf must adhere to all design standards outlined in AMC Section 23.48.020(1)
  • Any changes to existing Landscaping shall be approved by the Planning Division
  • Drip irrigation shall be considered whenever appropriate
  • See AMC Section 23.48 for more details