Planning Division

The Planning Division reviews all construction, from small home additions to large commercial and industrial projects, to ensure that the work to be performed conforms with the City's zoning laws.

The Planning Division maintains the City's land development and land use standards. City staff work with contractors and homeowners to help streamline the permit process using an easy step-by-step guide. On large-scale projects, pre-construction coordination meetings are held with project managers and City staff who play a role in the construction process to help ensure a smooth-running project.

Covid-19 Update

The Planning Division is once again open to the public through our in-person public counter! Plans and applications will continue to be submitted electronically through our Citizen's Access Portal. Please contact the Planning Division for more information. We thank you for your understanding and patience during this time. For more information on COVID19 and testing, please read the Covid-19 Updates page.

Planning Entitlement

To apply for a Planning Entitlement or to look up a property's Zone, please visit our new Customer Portal! For information on how to use our new portal, see our How to Guide.

The Citizen's Access Portal is used to apply for Planning applications, including the following: 

    • Uniform Planning Application
    • Minor Review 
    • MWELO Landscape Review
    • Temporary Use Permit (TUP)
    • Tree Removal Permit
    • Zoning Clearance & Occupancy Permit
    • Home Occupation PermitCitizens Access Portal

Book a Planning Appointment

Book a Planning Appointment

Planning Commission

  • The Planning Commission, comprised of ten Alhambra residents appointed by the City Council, guides the City's planning process by identifying planning-related problems and opportunities, reviewing proposed project plans that require zoning changes, variances, subdivisions, and planned development permits. Learn more on the Planning Commission page.
  • Meets the first and third Monday of the month at 7 pm in the City Hall Council Chambers.

Alhambra Design Review Board

  • The Design Review Board, comprised of five Alhambra residents, appointed by the City Council, maintains design control over all development permits reviewed by the Planning Commission, including minor modifications such as signs and exterior alterations. Learn more on the Design Review Board page.
  • Meets the second and fourth Tuesday of the month at 7:30 pm in the City Hall Council Chambers.