Human Resources Department

Welcome to Human Resources Department

The Department of Human Resources is tasked with working in collaboration and cooperation with all City departments to meet the human resource needs of employees and the broad needs of each individual department.  At its forefront, the department will have employee safety and welfare as a primary concern, followed by being a resource to the needs of personnel, insuring a positive work environment and portraying a positive and professional image and experience to prospective employees.

As a department, we aim to provide excellent service to 12 City departments and 350 full-time and 200 part-time employees; attract highly talented, qualified individuals committed to responsive and excellent customer service to the residents and businesses of the community of Alhambra; be professional in the administration of employee programs and benefit services for all members of the City of Alhambra employee team; ensure equal employment opportunities for all; and comply with ever changing state and federal regulations.

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