Safety Tips


Fire is, and always has been, a natural part of Southern California's landscape. Wildfires are often fueled by dry vegetation and driven by hot, dry "Santa Ana" winds, making them extremely dangerous and difficult to control. Fire season is now year-round and requires everyone to be on heightened alert, especially for those living in wildland area communities.

Follow the steps from the Los Angeles County Fire Department's Ready! Set! Go! Your Personal Wildfire Action Plan to protect yourself, your family and home from a devastating wildfire.

Earthquake Safety Education Programs

  •  Earthquake County Alliance has recorded webinars for each of the Seven Steps to Earthquake Safety. Closed captioning is also available, and in Spanish. Guidance for performing the Drop, Cover, and Hold On drill with COVID precautions can be found on both websites.
  • Outreach materials are available from the Cal OES Earthquake Program, including Earthquake Underbed bags, Rocket's Earthquake Safety Adventure, Staying Safe Where the Earth Shakes, Safe Mobile Home Flier, 7-Steps to a Resilient Workplace, Preparedness with Pedro, and I'm Okay window cards. The Rocket's Rules website includes children's videos and the Earthquake Safety Adventure publication. Email us for hardcopy materials.

Emergency Preparedness Checklist

General Safety Tips

  • Safety Tip: Loose Debris Can Come Into Contact with Power Lines and Cause OutagesDowned Power Lines - Windy conditions can cause power lines to fall. This can create hazards - electrifying puddles, wet grass, and the surrounding area. Don't touch anyone or anything in contact with a downed power line. Always assume downed power lines are energized and dangerous. Stay away and call 911. Learn more about staying safe around electricity (PDF)!
  • Look Before You Lock (PDF) - Check out this fact sheet as a reminder on the dangers of leaving children in hot and locked cars during the summer.
  • Water Safety Tips (PDF) - Drowning prevention and water safety should be practiced on a year-round basis with special emphasis during the summer. You and your child can prevent drownings by learning the ABC's of Water Safety.
  • Fireworks Safety Tips (PDF) - Safety tips from the Office of the California State Fire Marshal on how to purchase and handle fireworks.
  • Grilling Safety Tips (PDF) - A grill placed too close to anything that can burn is a fire hazard. Follow these tips for safe grilling.
  • Thanksgiving Fire Safety - Keeping fire safety top of mind in the kitchen during this joyous but hectic time is important, especially when there's a lot of activity and people at home.