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The Building Division provides plan review and construction inspection services to enforce minimum safety standards by regulating and controlling the design, construction, quality of materials, use, and occupancy, as well as location and maintenance of all buildings and structures. Building helps streamline the permit process by providing contractors and homeowners with an easy, step-by-step guide for completing the process. On large-scale projects, pre-construction coordination meetings are held with project managers and City staff who play a role in the construction process to help ensure a smooth-running project. 

‍Building Division Services

To apply for Building plan check and permits, please visit the Permit Portal below!

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ePlan Check

Submit plans for ePlan check online. Contact the building division for more information.

Building Division Plan Check Portal

Schedule a Building Inspection

Fill out the Building Division Inspection Request Form online.

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Work That Requires a Permit

Building plans and permits are required for most residential, commercial, and industrial construction work on private property, whether new, added, remodeled, or altered. To determine if your project needs a permit, call the Building Division.

Permits are required for the following types of work:

  • Building Construction/Remodeling: New structures and room additions, exterior stucco, interior remodeling, roofing, structural repairs, pools and spas, enclosure of a patio, replacement of windows, and any structural work
  • Electrical: Installation, alteration, reconstruction, or repair of electrical wiring
  • Mechanical: Installation, alteration, reconstruction, or repair of heating, ventilation, air-conditioning or refrigeration equipment and duct work, and miscellaneous heating appliances
  • Plumbing: Piping, re-piping, new or replacement fixtures and devices, and swimming pool equipment
  • Sandblasting
  • Sign Installation
  • Solar
  • Expedited Solar Photovoltaic Permitting for One and Two-Family Dwellings application (PDF)
  • Electric Vehicle Charger and Service Equipment checklist (PDF)

Contractor's Reports

  • Contractor's Reports are required from any construction company performing work in Alhambra to verify that each subcontractor has a valid business license for the construction period and that the current amount was paid for the business license tax bracket in which it falls.
  • The Finance Department 626-570-5021 handles the receipt of the Contractor's Report (PDF) by the general contractor or owner-builder. The report should list all subcontractors hired for a particular construction site.
  • The verification process takes approximately two weeks to be completed and is required prior to finalizing a building permit.
  • If all subcontractors are licensed and no payment adjustment is needed, Building/Planning is notified. If subcontractors are not licensed or a payment adjustment is needed, the general contractor has the option to instruct the subcontractor to pay or pay for the subcontractors.

Hiring Workers

  • Section 7031.5 California Business and Professional Code states that only properly licensed individuals or individuals specifically exempt (Section 7044) from the provisions of the Contractors State License Law shall be allowed to pull a permit for work regulated by code.
  • Owners who obtain construction permits must perform the work in a safe and professional manner and must provide worker's compensation insurance for relatives and others working on the project even if they are not being paid. Worker's compensation requirements do not apply to the property owners living on the property and immediate family members who also live on the property. We recommend that you read the information provided by the California State License Board website on owner-builder risks and responsibilities.

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