Parking Permits (Annual)


For additional information, please call 626-570-5021 or email us.

Each permit issued is per one vehicle and registered owner of said vehicle. Permits may be purchased during normal business hours (Monday through Thursday, from 7 am to 5:30 pm) for $60 per year at the Alhambra City Hall, Finance Department at 111 S First Street, Alhambra, CA 91801. 

Annual Parking Permit Requirements

  • The applicant must provide current Vehicle Registration and proof of Alhambra residency.
  • No overnight parking permits are issued to vehicles exceeding 6,000 lbs., non-motorized vehicles, trailers and vehicles exceeding 8-feet height, 6-feet width or 20-feet length.
  • If you change or sell your vehicle, remove the existing permit sticker from car windshield and submit with a transfer fee of $20. If the sticker is not presented at this time, it will be necessary to submit a new application with new permit fees.
  • If you change your address within Alhambra city limits, a new proof of residency permit must be submitted along with a $20 administrative fee.
  • Proper Display of Permits

Overnight Parking Permits must be affixed to the vehicle with its own adhesive only (do not affix permit with tape or any other materials). The permit must be displayed and visible on the front lower left (Driver's side) corner of the windshield.

If not displayed correctly, the permit will be considered invalid.