Metro Passes & Tap Cards

The City of Alhambra Finance Department (Alhambra City Hall first-floor) has application forms for all types of subsidized fare users. Add to your TAP card at the City's Finance Department counter.

Call 866-TAPTOGO 24 hours a day to add to your TAP card, or reload card online.

Metro Replenishable TAP Card

  • Regular, senior, disabled and student METRO rail and bus users can load the METRO TAP Fare Card at the Finance Department - or Metro Customer Centers, other pass vendor locations, or any Metro Rail or Metro Orange Line ticket vending machine.
  • Pay attention to the various types of subsidized fare cards, including the Senior TAP ID Card, LACTOA Disabled TAP ID Card, College/Vocational TAP ID Card, and Student TAP Card (K through 8 and 9 through 12).
  • There is no charge for the TAP Card, but you will need to submit a full-face photo (1 by 1-1/4-inch or 2 by 2-inch) with your application. A photocopy of your California identification card, driver's license or passport is also required. Disabled users need to provide valid documentation of disability status, and students must show proof of student enrollment. These materials can be submitted in person to any METRO Customer Center or mailed to the address provided on each application form.