Business License

All businesses located within city limits, whether in a commercial building or home are required to apply for a Zoning Clearance and Occupancy Permit and Home Occupation Permit. Zoning and Occupancy Permit and Home Occupation Permit information online. If you have questions about the Business License, email the Finance Department.

New Licenses

  • Phone: 626-570-5021
  • All businesses and contractors, including rental property owners, operating in the City of Alhambra need a Business License (submitted to Finance Department) and a Zoning Clearance and Occupancy Permit or Home Occupation Permit (submitted to the Development Services Department-Economic Development Division).
  • Once you submit your application, it will be reviewed and assigned a license number.
  • The Business License Tax Certificate is issued after all approvals are made.

License Renewal of Existing Business Licenses

  • Phone: 626-570-5021
  • Most business licenses are issued annually, to be renewed each year within 30 days of expiration to avoid penalties and interest charges.
  • Renewal is through the Finance Department (First floor of Alhambra City Hall)
    111 S First Street
    Alhambra, CA 91801

Information Required for a Business License

  • The name of the business or individual
  • The physical address/mailing address of the business
  • Residential and commercial rentals need to list the locations and unit numbers
  • Contact names and phone numbers
  • Description of the type of business to be conducted
  • Tax identification number (Social Security or Federal ID number)
  • Type of business (sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation)
  • Partnerships must list at least two names with information and signatures of all parties
  • Corporations should list major officers
  • Contractors must list the state license number and class
  • Estimation of gross receipts for the first year of business
  • You are now ready to start your business!