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Contractor's Reports

City of Alhambra

Contractor's Reports are required of any construction company performing work within the City. The purpose is
to verify that each subcontractor has a valid business license for the construction period and that
the current amount was paid for the business license tax bracket in which it falls.

1 Development Services
Building & Planning Division


 Tracks the location of each construction site.

2 Finance Department 

Processes receipt of the Contractor's Report (listing all subcontractors hired for a particular construction site) by the general contractor or owner-builder. The verification process should be completed within two weeks and the company notified so as not to delay the contractor from finalizing the job.

3 Development Services
Building & Planning Division


Receives notification if all subcontractors are licensed and no payment adjustment is needed. If subcontractors are not licensed or a payment adjustment is needed, the general contractor has two options:
1) to instruct the subcontractor to pay, or
2) pay for the subcontractors.

4 Development Services
Building & Planning Division


Receives notification once all outstanding fees have been paid.

5 Code Enforcement Division 

Works closely with the Business License Division to enforce the Alhambra Municipal Code in determining whether a business has a valid business license and occupancy certificate.

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