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Special Licenses


  • A special license may be required of businesses having greater restrictions upon their operation or which require additional information or investigation, such as gun and arms dealers, rubbish haulers, taxi cabs, dance and entertainment venues, and charitable or religious solicitations.
  • All special licenses are due on December 31, with the exception of occasional dance permits and one-time events (ie., film permits, carnivals, car washes, holiday boutiques and flower sales). These types of special licenses require a temporary use permit, subject to approval by the Solicitation Committee (Police Chief, City Manager, Director of Building and Planning, and Finance Director).
  • For certain license types, a copy of the entire application is sent to the Police Department for investigation and approval. Such licenses are also subject to investigation by the State Department of Justice.
  • A Conditional Use Permit (CUP), which may be required for special licenses, places conditions on the proposed business and business owner. The Building & Planning Division (626-570-5034) handles processing of Conditional Use Permit applications, which then require Planning Commission approval.
  • The Conditional Use Permit should be obtained prior to submitting and paying for the business license and occupancy permit. Once the application has been approved by the Police Chief, it is routed for additional approval by the City Manager, Director of Building and Planning, and the Finance Director, who comprise the Solicitation Committee. If the application is not approved by the Solicitation Committee, the applicant has the right to appeal to the City Council within a ten-day period from the denial by the Solicitation Committee (per AMC 5.82.040).
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