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Dog-Free & Smoke-Free Parks
Per Alhambra City Ordinance

All parks and public grounds in the City of Alhambra are DOG-FREE and SMOKE-FREE, per related Alhambra city ordinances. Smoking (all pipes, cigars, cigarettes and E-cigarettes) is not allowed in any park or public grounds in the City of Alhambra. Alhambra community parks include Alhambra Park, Almansor Park, Granada Park, Story Park, Emery Park and Burke Heritage Park.

The park definition in the Alhambra Municipal Code, is actually much more expansive. A park is defined as “Those public grounds, squares, triangles, parkways, roads, boulevards, streets, parking lots, statues, monuments, fountains, buildings or places of any kind which are under the jurisdiction or care of the Department of Community Services,” including the Farmers Market, but with the express exception of the Alhambra Golf Course.


Public Grounds are defined as “Any property owned, managed or controlled by the city which is open to the public."

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